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Minutes from 11/19/2012

MS PTO – November 19, 2012, 6:35pm

In attendance:  Tracy Kirkman, Ann DiPetta, Torie Lines, Mary Procter, Jeannie Vallely, Francisco Paler-Large

 Treasurer’s report

  • Doing well.  About $7000
  • Music department and art department have asked for funds.
  • 5th grade usually asks for soirée and Mexican fiesta
  • 6th grade asks for medieval festival
  • We usually buy books for the discovery trail events of rope course and lab of ornithology.
  • We spent $$ on leaf program, website fee, summer movie last year.

Movie Night/Zombie Trail – Oct 19

Was totally NOT lame.  Most people want to do the zombie trail again.  Let’s make it an annual thing.

  • A little more guidance for the walkers like good manners, walker etiquette and where you go after the movie
  • Ann has list from lots of people with ideas for next year.
  • Maybe the 2nd part of the trail could be scarier
  • Need clean up crew in the woods
  • Need to leave more time before the movie
  • Need more volunteers for both the trail and the movie
  • Need someone in parking lot maybe?
  • Maybe do the trail in reverse now that people know what’s going on and then kids can walk right into the building
  • Need to organize the movie better so there isn’t so much in and out.  Maybe an intermission?

Associate Dean:  Position will be posted.  Martha Hardesty took a position as an assistant principal in Ithaca.

Game Night

Parent room and silent auctions (Ann and Torie), keep messy games in cafeteria (Jeannie and Sharon), keep wheel of misfortune (Teresa), games in the gym (supervised by a teacher maybe Neil Clifford), games in the library (teacher), bake sale (Nancy and Gail), robot table (Tracy).  We are looking at Friday, February 8 for a possible date.

Staff Slam (basketball game) – March 1 2013.  Volunteer recruitment coming soon.  Where should we donate the money?

Jazz Band motion to pay for instructor for jazz band for second half of school year.  Neil Massa is willing to direct.

Boxtops  Meggan and Cynthia are working on this.  Keep sending in your box tops!

Target points Mary will look into adding the middle school so we can get checks.

Skate dates  pick dates and say tburg kids are going to skate on these dates and put the word out.

Next Meeting:

January PTO meeting date has been moved to Tuesday, JAN 15 from 6:30-7:30