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Minutes from January 15th Meeting

MS PTO – January 15, 2013, 6:35pm

In attendance: Tracy Kirkman, Ann DiPetta, Torie Lines, Mary Procter, Jeannie Vallely, Neil Clifford, Teresa Sawester, Francisco Paler-Large, Sharon Bilotta, Nancy Grossman, Nancy Bonn

Media literacy – Neil gave a presentation on the new media literacy special

  • Made possible because a home & careers teacher retired
  • Each grade is a bit different – since it’s all new, it’s hard to know what the kids know before they start
  • Give exposure to a variety of tools that can help them succeed inside and outside the classroom
  • Google drive – tremendous power from collaboration point of view
  • Netiquette – internet is forever… discuss scenarios of things that have gone awry, cyberbullying
  • Kids need to be prepared for the cyber world
  • Neil will teach the 8th graders how to develop apps
  • Contacts – kids can email their teachers if they are home sick
  • Support each of the disciplines with projects, connect with what’s happening in the common core
  • Keyboarding and other basic skills – type to learn
  • The kids love this class and they want to share what they make
  • Edmodo is an application similar to Facebook

Game Night – Friday, Feb 8, 7pm

  • $2 admission, wheel of misfortune, bake sale, all the same stuff
  • parent room and silent auctions (Ann and Torie), keep messy games in cafeteria (Jeannie and Sharon), keep wheel of misfortune (Teresa), games in the gym (supervised by a teacher maybe Neil Clifford), games in the library (teacher Andy Moore or Daryl Anderson), bake sale (Nancy and Gail), robot table (Tracy)
  • need teachers for wheel of misfortune, some from each grade is better
  • maybe assign a few parents for crowd control, need help with admission and raffle
  • can only drop off middle school students, parents have to stay with elementary students

Staff Slam (basketball game) – Friday, March 1, 2013, 6pm-9

  • looking for volunteers still for front door, raffle, bake sale, hoop shoot
  • Teresa will do flyer, elementary PTO will do trophies and tickets, high school doing face painting
  • Motion for all the proceeds to go towards building a bathroom out at the track? Unanimous yes.
  • Sports boosters will do snack shack and all that money will also go to the potty fund.
  • Jeannie will bring a toilet seat, Torie will make the potty bucket, Tracy will ask robotics kids to program a robot to do the flushing


  • Committee forming with Paul Pennick from Youth Commission.
  • Is PTO on board? Can we have a rep to the committee?
  • Will we want to split the work and split the money with them?
  • Need good signs and more signage so that people know where the money will go
  • Maybe parents can sell advance tickets
  • Ulysses Youth Commission needs someone from the town of Ulysses and not the village to be on the committee
  • Sharon will be the PTO rep to the Youth Commission

Treasurer’s report

  • Still have $7500.
  • Only Amanda Kolunio and Kristin have come forward and asked for money. They are very happy.
  • We need to spend the money. We need teachers to come forward.
  • Mr. diSantis needs legos.
  • Might be able to use $$ for Doig Diner
  • Last meeting we voted to pay for a teacher/advisor to run a middle school jazz band. Ann will look into that.

Cyber Issue

  • There is and will continue to be cyber issues. We need to talk to our kids about it.
  • Kids know the social norms but don’t translate them to cyber space
  • It’s usually unintentional and the kids are always profoundly remorseful when they realize it
  • The kids think of it as talking with the computer or like it’s writing in a diary
  • Need to unplug our kids, especially girls, so kids can get their own sense of self and not from what all their friends are saying
  • Bullying is bullying regardless of who started it. Need to be careful to label as conflict since bullying is a repeated offense.
  • Will have an assembly for 7&8 to hear from a professional about cyber bullying

Associate Dean: Scott Miller, former PE and health teacher in the elementary

Jazz Band – Ann will ask Christine about

Boxtops – Meggan and Cynthia need to pick up the box tops!

Target points – Mary says middle school is all set up. Just need people to sign up.

Next Meeting: 3/25, and 5/20