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PTO Meeting Minutes September 25th

Minutes for PTO Meeting 9/25/13

Attendance (11) included Mr. Paler-Large

1) Introductions

2) Janice Johnson presented information about a Community Forum on Monday September 30th at 7p.m. at the Historical Society in Trumansburg.  This forum will discuss Comprehensive Assessment results as well as the Youth Development survey for kids in grades 6-12. Discussion will center around comparing Trumansburg responses with county and national results. The presentation will be interactive and there will be SNACKS! Spread the word. She hopes we can all attend.

3) Our new Treasurer is Meggan Van Ness. Many thanks to Meggan for taking on this very important role. Our current balance is $8800 with a couple of outstanding invoices. We had a discussion about how to split the money for this year and Mr. PL pointed out that there is no longer official team time for grade level teachers. Though they will still see each other and interact, it may be more difficult for them to carve out time to make decisions for extra things. This lead to a discussion about New Leaf. It is potentially going to undergo a change in leadership. Christina suggested that PTO parents could help with the program. To conclude this discussion, Mr. PL said he would send out an email to the teachers about how to best spend the money.

4) Annual Events. We will host the following events this year; Zombie/Movie Night (October 25th), Game Night (TBD), Staff Slam (Feb 28th), May Day 5K (May 3rd), and Grassroots Parking (summer 2014). We discussed Game Night briefly and then spent the majority of our time discussing our first event; Zombie Night.

Zombie Night

General Info; Friday October 25th 6-7 pm (Zombie Trail *last to enter at 6:45) 7 pm – Movie Starts
Cost: $2 Zombie Trail, $3 Movie, $1 popcorn, $1 water
**We’d like the lights to be on the Football field to help with safety, we will do a PG and a PG-13 part of the course

Ann will recruit teachers to be involved and fill out the building use form

Meggan will provide the 2 cash boxes with plenty of change

Christina will purchase 200 bottles of water

Ann will finalize movie choices and get the info to Mr. PL who will email the entire student body for voting.


  • Zombie Coordinator – Torie
  • Popcorn Coordinator – Rose **Christina will assist and many others offered to make popcorn ahead of time
  • AV Coordinator – Mr. PL
  • Movie Details – Rose
  • Flier – Teresa

Green Team The Compost program is having some trouble in the Elementary School. If you or someone you know is interested in helping with this (kids need help with composting milk and juice containers) please contact Mary Proctor (

PTO Mailbox Christina will check it

Box Tops – Karen has volunteered to help Meggan this year.

Apple Month Rose requested money to start an apple program for the month of October. We voted to authorize up to $250 to Rose to use for purchase of local apples for the students. She plans to set up in the hallway on Tuesdays and Thursdays to provide apples to students, remain and offer them to after school kids, and hopes to get apple tastings into the cafeteria and/or classrooms.

Next meeting: Wednesday November 13th at 6:30 pm in the MS Library.  Additional meetings January, March and May – dates TBD.

Thank you for attending!!