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PTO Meeting Minutes 3/26/14

Attendance : Ann, Tori, Christina, Meggan, Rose, Eileen, Scott, Rose


Game Night Recap – $$ Raised, new Ideas?
This event made apx $200 this year. In years past we’ve held a Silent Auction and raised apx $600. The attendance was down a little bit, but we still a good crew of kids that seemed to have a good time. Eileen commented about how many boys enjoyed playing basketball. The kids were thrilled to have someplace to go to play basketball. It was noted that in the winter, there isn’t a lot to do, so this was a highlight.

Staff Slam Recap – $$ raised, new ideas?
Made $3344.93. We plan to give 1/3 to the HS Student Council, 1/3 to ES PTO and 1/3 to MS PTO. Meggan will take out the money that was put in the potty and keep that money separate for the fund for the bathroom. Rose commented that it was the best bake sale ever! No discounting and it sold out. Mr. Murphy walking around with the potty asking for donations really worked well.
Additionally the Sports Boosters raised apx $1500 from the snack shack.

There was discussion about having a crowd camera for the Slam next year.

We learned that we need to raise $60,000 total for the bathroom project. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday April 1st at 6 p.m. at Little Venice.

Stacy Tilton got hurt this year and there was no medic there. So, next year we need to make sure that there is a plan for injuries.

Jody Latini is going to partner with Ann for the Staff Slam next year.

May Day 5K – Amy & Christina
We currently have 176 people registered. Anthony O is going to do announcements at Elementary School and Middle School for the May Day 5K.
We currently have 5 weeks until the May Day 5K and the next two weeks are critical for building interest. All volunteers for the race will get a t-shirt, and we encourage people to sign up to volunteer, to walk or to run the race. Learn more at

Treasurer’s Report – Meggan
Balance of $5000 apx after paying for the TKED books, the books for Ms. Beckley (Wonder), the Science Ribbons. End of the year we do something with the brunch for end of year expenses. We anticipate expenses for the grade 5 end of year Latin Dance and the brunch for teachers.

Matt McLennan Scholarship – Scott Miller
Scott Miller met with Mr. PL and Bryce DeSantis to discuss this. They propose offering this award to one girl and one boy in grade 8. It will be a $50 cash payment (in form of a check). Matt worked primarily with students with special needs and he was a coach. As such, this award will go to a student who has overcome a lot in the classroom and also will have an athletic component.
The recipients will be selected by the student support team which includes 8th grade teachers. It would also include feedback from teachers from grades 5-7.
Discussion about plaques/gift cards vs cash.
We’ll do one male and one female. Discussion about cash vs gift card and we decided that cash seemed to make the most sense. We’ll give it in the form of a check. Scott reported that they will draw up the criteria and email it to Ann. As far as the kids knowing about the awards ahead of time, Scott doesn’t believe that the kids are aware of this. One thing that was brought up was knowing that you are nominated is a nice thing. Kids know that they are being nominated for an award.

Building Decision Making Team
The Middle School is putting together a Building Decision Team. They are looking for parent volunteers. The PTO has been asked to put the word out. He’d like to get parent volunteers to sit on this committee. If parents are interested, they should contact Mr. Paler Large. Meggan asked if it was going to be an evening meeting. Ann asked if he knew how many parents he wants. Ann will send out an email about this to the PTO mailing list. Scott is very excited about this team being formed.

Paint Library – Gail Brisson
Mr. Babcock gave us the go ahead for painting. If we are interested in something different, then the mural/mosaic should be done on masonite so it can be hung. Students will be involved. If we do the mural we’d still need to paint some walls. Beth Koeng will be heading up the painting project. Brief discussion about the mosaic idea as well – size etc. Rose offered to help with this. She’ll be talking with Beth about details.

Parent Mingles – bookclub, hikes, school dances
No discussion – moved to May meeting

GrassRoots parking – coordinator needed
No discussion – moved to May meeting

Recruitment for President (Fall 2014)
No discussion – moved to May meeting

Next Meeting May 14th

Meeting Adjourned at 7:40.