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PTO Meeting Minutes 5/14/2014

May 14, 2014

In attendance: Ann, Jeannie, Tori, Amy, Meggan, Teresa

5K Results, funds raised
• We made $5700
• Over 500 people participated
• Set the date for next year and are on the school calendar. We plan to stage from the indoors next year. Date: 5/2/15

Bathroom/concessions, where are we at?

• Need $60,000 for bathroom.
• This will be a community build with donated materials.
• Boosters has $10,800
• Slam 13/14 $4877
• May Day 5K $10,000
• Ask Scott Dawson to make a thermometer for the website.
• The Sports Boosters is looking for participants. They support the Middle School and High School athletes. They need parents to step up and get involved. Please consider helping with this wonderful volunteer group.

PTO Finance Update

• 8th grade used their alotted $500
• 7th grade used $175 for pavilion in the park
• We potentially still have $299.90 for grade 6. 5th grade hasn’t requested funds this year. 7th grade has $325 that they can spend. The music department needed drums fixed, but we haven’t received an amount from them.
• We still have the end of the year brunch, and McLennan scholarship (2 $50 gifts) and the music program Broadway field trip event next year. We had discussed $300 and then $200 matching. Home and Careers never contacted us about funds, and there was mention of doing the library. We’re not sure about the status of that
• We currently have $4377.32 based on what we’ve spent up until today. However, we have things still on the table that could be asking for funds.

McLennan Scholarship

• We discussed posting the student names on our website once the scholarships are received.

Teacher Brunch

• Teresa will coordinate this again. We will need volunteers to help pick things up and baked goods. Someone coordinated carafes of coffee from Gimme this year. Teresa will recruit volunteers. The brunch is Thursday after the last day of school.

Zombie Walk

• Ann would like to have a team in place for this year. Last year we scrambled to get this together. We need to find someone who is willing to wrangle the zombies, get the movie, popcorn, general volunteer recruiter, and chaperone children. Last year Torie was our Zombie Goddess, Rose did the movie, Christina & Eileen did the popcorn. Megan did the money. Ann was the tech person. Torie has agreed to be our Zombie Goddess for next year, and Ann is going to send an email out to find out if others are interested in picking this up again.

Summer Outings

• Lots of discussions about what to do. Bring your own picnic or something like this. Ice cream truck, band etc. We discussed the last week in August. Scott Miller would know who has the ice-cream truck and we’ll get that. September 4th is the first day of school this year.

Bowling Money Request

• Brief discussion about a group that wants to take some kids bowling.

Leadership Next Year

• Ann is wiling to help someone next year, but she is ready to step down. She wants to lend a hand in Sports Boosters, and she’s involved in raising money for Jack’s class. Liam will be in grade 8 next year and she is ready to move on. She is happy to be co-president.
• Amy can email Tanya about getting a list of potential parents. The selling point is that we have only a few events, and it is a small group.
• Middle School PTO puts on 4 events a year (May Day 5K, Zombie Walk/Movie Night, Staff Slam, simple etc.
• Megan will send an email of what the PTO has paid for in the past, Ann will draft a list of what the President will do and then will make a flier for the elementary school and middle school. We vote via email. Could we have a parent and a teacher be co-Presidents?

Meeting Adjourned at 7:43 by Ann. Thank you for your participation in PTO this year.