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PTO Hike Monday September 29th

Last year, at one of our meetings we talked about starting regular PTO hikes. Taughannock park is so beautiful and so close to us that it seems like the perfect meeting point. This week, we had our first hike. It was a rainy Monday morning, but we gathered and walked and talked. It was a fun way to start the morning, and we decided we’d like to plan more.

We are going to rotate the times around so that hopefully we can fit many people’s schedules. This 2nd hike will be an after work hike.

Join us for our 2nd PTO hike! We’ll meet at the Overlook at 5:30 p.m. on Monday September 29th. 

Dogs are welcome! Last week we had a puppy with us and a grown up dog. They had a lot of fun together. Tell your friends; the more the merrier.

If you arrive late and don’t see us there, we’re heading down the North side from the overlook, and then we’ll go back up the South side and around. Run to catch us, or head the other way around until you meet up with us.