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PTO Hike Schedule

We have hikes scheduled! We are trying to hit a variety of times to work with different schedules. If you are interested in hiking and don’t see something that works with your schedule, please reach out. We can always add more! We meet at the overlook parking lot (there is currently construction there but there is still parking available). We head down the south side and then back up the north side and around (so in case you are late you will know our route 🙂

All are welcome – parents, teachers, grandparents, administrators etc. The more the merrier. We put out a survey about this to see what people thought about kids coming along. The results were mixed in our small pool of replies, but the general consensus seems to be that if kids are in backpack carriers or are big enough to keep up with the adults or hike ahead of us together that they are welcome. Toddlers that can’t really stay up with us will probably be a challenge for you, but if you are willing to peel off from the group it could totally work. Basically, go with your judgement – we’ll have multiple paces and it is just a fun way to get together.


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