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Grassroots Parking Fundraisers

As you may know, the 8th grade class offers parking for Grassroots at Shur Save every year. This is organized by the 8th grade DC trip school coordinators with involvement from the school administration. This year, with construction complete on the school campus, the PTO has teamed up with the Trumansburg Sports Boosters to offer an additional Grassroots Parking opportunity. This is a separate venture from the 8th grade parking group and all proceeds will be split 50/50 between the Sports Boosters and the Middle School PTO. We are very excited to offer both of these opportunities! As any Tburg resident knows, there is a great need for parking for Grassroots. Both organizations stand to benefit financially while providing a much needed service.

Grassroots will give each person who works TWO 4 hour shifts a free day pass to the festival. In order to receive this pass, you must sign up by Wednesday July 15th. We need your help to make this a successful fundraiser. Please consider volunteering your time to park cars for one or more shifts.

You don’t have to be a middle school parent to work the parking. We welcome and encourage any community member to help out with this. You may be doing it to get the free pass, to support the PTO, just because you want to help out and like to talk to people or all of these reasons and more! Please consider helping us make these fundraisers successful.

Please sign up to volunteer for the PTO/Sports Boosters parking.

Please sign up to volunteer for the Grade 8 Washington DC parking.


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