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Meeting Minutes from Mon, Sept 18, 2017

Minutes from September 18, 2017

Thanks to everyone who came out to our first PTO meeting! We talked about the following things:

  • Zombie Night – Kathleen Pasetty and Tracy Seaman co-leading this year.  Save the date for Friday, Oct 13th.
  • Recap of funds earned in 2016-2017 School year
    • Zombie Night
    • Staff Slam
    • May Day Silent Auction & Race
    • Grassroots Parking Fundraiser
  • Budget for 2017-2018
    • Where do PTO funds go? At minimum, the PTO makes available the following funds directly to the teachers by request and approval.
      • $500/grade ($2,000)
      • $150/special ($1050) [Art, Guidance, Home&Career, Library, Music, PE, & Tech]
      • $300/nurse
      • $500/Community Read
      • Additionally we sponsor other events and/or improvements based on whether we have the funds and by PTO member vote.
  • Events for 2017/18
    • Save the Date for May Day Race on May 12, 2018.  Kickoff event in January 2018.
  • New Fundraising ideas:  Food Booth at Winterfest?  Sledding party and snowman building contest ?

For full minutes, click HERE!



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