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Sign up for Remind alerts

The PTO is doing away with our mailing list and switching over to Remind for short updates. The middle school will email out periodic longer updates for us that will include minutes and other big news. Remind is for the quick things like, “remember Zombie night tonight!” or “Scrip is due tomorrow” as well as things like “don’t forget the school dance on Friday.”

Most of the sports teams in the district are using this system. It is easy to use and you manage the sign up/sign off process.

To entice you to join our list, we’re offering a chance to be selected for one of 3 $10 gift cards to Good to Go in Trumansburg if you join by December 1st. This letter will be attached to report cards on Friday as well.

View the sign-up paper!

What if you were on the mailing list? Well, we’ve switched this list to a “voting list.” Occasionally the PTO needs to vote on items and there is no meeting scheduled close to the time we’re asked. In these times, we send around the information and people vote by email. IF you would like to be removed from that list, simply get in touch and we’ll take you off. We hope you wish to stay involved and enjoy the opportunity to participate by voting.