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Meeting Minutes from Tues, Nov 13, 2017

Minutes from November 13, 2017

Thanks so much to Heather Tielens, Bonnie White, Alice Heise, Brandi Wicks, Denise Milito, Mary Guthrie, Linda Ziemba, Helen Arco, & Ruthanna Hawkins for attending.

We talked about:

  • Art Department request for funds – Voted and passed
  • Formation of new PTO Arts committee and Alice Heise will be the Arts Committee Chair.  Interested in being in the PTO Arts Committee?  Email
  • Feedback about Rainbow Salad Days
  • Parent PTO Volunteer Liaisons:  Bonnie White – 5th gr, Denise Milito – 6th gr, Mary Guthrie – 7th gr, and Barbara Petty – 8th gr
  • Spirit Wear – Discussion on taking it over from Sports Boosters
  • Winterfest fundraising ideas:  Potentially serving hot cocoa & cider (so a need for crockpot loaners) and an online sign-up 3 hrs on Sat, Dec 2nd; possible coordination of students for caroling or band ensemble

For full minutes, click HERE!

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Meeting Minutes from Tues, Oct 17, 2017

Minutes from October 17, 2017

Thanks so much to Christina Luglan, Sarah Brainard, Julie Johnson, Kathleen Pasetty, Rosie Rice, Joshua Hunkele, Heather Tielens, Bonnie White, & Ruthanna Hawkins for attending.

We talked about:

  • Success of Zombie Night as well as pros and cons about the event.THANK YOU TO ALL PARENTS, ZOMBIES AND PARTICIPANTS FOR MAKING OUR ZOMBIE NIGHT FUNDRAISER SUCCESSFUL!!! Thanks also to Denise Milito for facepainting and Mike Cirri from CNY Attractions.
  • Potentially reaching out to business to sponsor future events to help defray the costs
  • May Day 5K silent auction and the Staff Slam volunteer opportunities
  • Creating an arts and building & grounds committee to help with various opportunities around the school
  • Need for grade level liaisons (6th, 7th and 8th) to work with the teachers to remind them about their budgets and bring back any general concerns/needs to the PTO.  Thanks Bonnie for volunteering to be the 5th grade liaison.
  • New Winterfest fundraising ideas
  • Need for increased MS PTO participation in the Grassroots parking fundraiser

For full minutes, click HERE!