School Tool

School Tool is basically a virtual grade book that parents have access to. When you were young, your teacher probably had a paper grade book and you would have to ask to see your grades every so often. Now, grades are in the computer and parents and students are able to see these grades anytime they like. Some teachers update regularly and others add things in batches.

One thing you may find from time to time is that a grade is in School Tool BEFORE the paper makes it home to you. Sometimes this means your child forgot to share with you or to bring it home and other times it could mean that your child doesn’t actually have the paper back yet. You may also find that your child has several papers returned, but those grades are not in school tool yet.

School Tool is very helpful for staying on top of things. You will develop a system that works – not too much watching and not too little.  As with Goldilocks you will find your “just right” place where your child has some independence but enough oversight not to fall.