Virtual Backpack

Now that your child is in middle school you may find that the papers that were once so carefully brought home to you don’t arrive in the same way. Sometimes they don’t arrive at all!! Your child moves from class to class all day long, and papers can end up smashed at the bottom of a backpack or living in a locker for months. You can help by asking what papers were handed out and that will help jog a memory from homeroom first thing in the morning.

Fortunately, there is another way to stay on top of what is being offered at school. It is called the Virtual Backpack. This location online stores most of the papers that were handed out to students in school. You can check this regularly and be “in the know” for what opportunities have been presented to your child.

There are also daily announcements in school, so ask about that when you’re chatting after school, over dinner or before bed. A quick question can prompt great sharing and you’ll learn all about those fun announcements (and maybe some of the events going on) that start the day!